Innovative engagement between brand and customer
Live interaction, data capture and customer profiling
Drive incremental sales in physical environments

A.I. Mobile Solutions

Smoothweb AI engine allows any mobile device to instantly distinguish products through image recognition, seamlessly leading users to the point of sale.

  • AI Image Recognition – realtime interactive engagement

  • Customer interaction – Engage customers at point of sale

  • Data Capture – Get opt-in by customers and actionable insights

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Data Capture and Intelligence

Understand your customers' social graph and predict and curate behaviour at the point of sale to increase propensity to purchase and brand preference, loyalty through targeted campaigns.

  • Opt-in Engagement - Reward and behaviour-based activities to promote opt-in for targeted customers

  • Engagement and Brand Experience – Targeted, relevant and rewarding brand interactions

  • Data Capture – Store and analyse data for actionable insights

All Smoothweb products and solutions can be set up for data capture on the server side in realtime. Build a detailed understanding of customer and employee behaviours and interactions, engagements with your branded products and services.

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Live and On Demand Streaming

Smoothweb offers scalable live and on demand streaming services with minimal setup time. Our Content Delivery Network can handle HiDef streams to global locations for global conferences, education, sports events and/or push multiple feeds to a single (retail) location.

  • Scalable Live Streaming - Deliver locally or globally to multiple audiences

  • Fast Deployment Setup – Agnostic content handling allows rapid response to client demands

  • Any Content, Anywhere, Anytime – Push relevant, timely on-brand content to multiple locations

Schedule content streaming by time of day, by location or by device. Store content on Smoothweb platform for on demand push to suit local customers activity or needs. Layer multiple content - e.g. video and social feeds -  for messaging and advertising.

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Platform as a Service

Proprietary secure, extensible, scalable and highly customisable content management platform. Multiple permissions by user, by content by location or time. Option for cloud-enabled or installed setup.

  • Scalable, Extensible Content Management Platform - Manage and publish wherever, whenever you want

  • Fast Setup Times – Fastest known deployment in the market

  • Multiple, Flexible Scenarios – Handles all content types with multiple permissions for all your needs

Handles all types of live and on demand content scenarios. On the fly transcoding. Accessible, updatable by any device Multilingual options. Highly customisable.

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Ad Engine Solutions

The Smoothweb Ad Engine is a complete advertising management solution for connected screens wherever they are deployed. Manage all aspects of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) media business such as inventory control, scheduling, proof of play, execution, cross business ads. Smoothweb's Ad Engine is Media-agnostic and manages billboards, LEDs, in-store screens, all devices for transit shelters, airports, malls, bus, and in-store digital signage.

  • Centralised System - Manage all assets in one location

  • Maximise Ad Revenues – Manage and deploy in real time

  • Analytics Engine – Measure and manage performance through detailed reporting

Our Ad engine delivers timely, creative and flexible campaigns across multiple devices, in multiple scenarios and multiple markets using our centralised management tool, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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Content Management and Delivery

The Smoothweb Content Management Platform provides a one-stop solution for content storage, management and deployment live or on demand. Proven with our customers in education, retail, sports, hospitality and events, our platform is a trusted and reliable partner.

  • Powerful, Flexible Solution - Any content, anywhere, anytime.

  • Speed of Deployment – Out of the box setup for rapid results

  • Multiple Permissions – Manage users, access, location, delivery scheduling with ease

Smoothweb is able to deploy scalable, extensible solutions at speed. We are not reliant on third party development schedules or updates. Yet, we are able to offer highly customisable, sophisticated levels of permission and content handling and delivery.

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Design Services

We offer a full suite of design services from design concept through to prototyping, mould design, assembly, production, testing, delivery, installation, maintenance and support.

  • Design Service - Design drawings and concept elaboration

  • Prototyping – Agree initial design, computer modelling and design prototype development

  • Moulding, Assembly and Testing –Tooling, product assembly at factory and testing, evaluation

  • Delivery, Installation and Launch - Documentation, transport, logistics and warehousing

  • After Sales Support - Updates, maintenance and next generation development

Our Ad engine delivers timely, creative and flexible campaigns across multiple devices, in multiple scenarios and multiple markets using our centralised management tool, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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