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SmoothWeb’s A.I. Voice solutions include voice and chatbot products for enterprise and B2C customers.

SmoothWeb has developed proprietary A.I. Voice solutions for conversational commerce to help companies automate low level tasks and provide better customer and employee experience. Voice solutions facilitate real-time requests and fulfilment via chat commands and conversations, rich media, third party API content provision.

Voice is the most natural interface to use on mobile devices. It reduces effort with a simple command (reduce the click, open, swipe, scroll search elements) and increases productivity. It creates a better customer experience and allows companies to analyse and improve bottlenecks in service delivery for efficiency and productivity.

 Check out VOICEii, SmoothWeb’s A.I. Voice Solutions platform with applications for the Hospitality industry, Education and Automotive currently being rolled out.

VOICEii has multi-modal capability for web, mobile and on premise solutions. Our Hotel solution provides a multilingual mobile app with bespoke commands and requests related to guest needs, information provision and feeds including news and weather. VOICEii works in any language thanks to its unique multilingual ‘Across Language Platform’ which generates multiple languages from a single language platform.


The SmoothWeb Mirai Mirror generates more sales through heightened customer engagement at the point of sale. This work of genius increases shopper interest, commitment and purchase intent in retail stores, showrooms, events and public spaces.

  • AI Image Recognition – real-time interactive engagement
    Data Capture – Records actionable insights where consumers engage with products and brands
    Fast Training Cycles – The SmoothWeb deep machine learning engine the most time and resource efficient on the market


Smoothweb’s mobile device products and solutions revolutionise the way customers engage with your brands. Improve the customer experience in retail, hospitality, and promotional event settings.


Understand your customers’ social graph and predict and curate behaviour at the point of sale to increase propensity to purchase and brand preference, loyalty through targeted campaigns.

  • Engaging Content – Immerse all your customer’s senses using interactive video, audio, text and images
    Easy Updates – Make instant content changes on the fly and reduce content production time
    Advertising – Create your very own ad network with multiple content feeds including video, social media and native content ads


Our integrated beacon technology products helps boost engagement and helps the customer along the sales funnel to purchase

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – Cost-effective technology to bridge between products/digital devices
RFID Tags– Smart tags that relay data and information customer behaviour to in-store servers
Other Beacon Technology – SmoothWeb offers bespoke solutions for all sorts of RFID and beacon technology to improve customer insights and influence customer behaviour

Schedule content streaming by time of day, by location or by device. Store content on Smoothweb platform for on demand push to suit local customers activity or needs. Layer multiple content – e.g. video and social feeds –  for messaging and advertising.


Engage customers through interactive displays that provide timely, relevant information and collect data on customer behaviour.

  • Engage Customers – Attract customers’ attention and increase store dwell time
    Schedule Content – Relevant content to the right location at the right time
    Intelligence – Collect data. Gain insights into customer browsing behaviour.


We work with leading hospitality brands to help their guests enjoy live & updated information on resort directions, shops, and offers.

  • Way-finding Signage – Live, dynamic maps with points of interest and local tenant ads and offers
    Live Relevant Information – Deliver live news, weather, flight information in a variety of languages
    Local Scheduling – Provide appropriate feeds and information depending on time of day and local events


Digital signage can provide points of interest in otherwise dead zones. Send multiple feeds to different zones and schedule content to suit footfall, time of day, events, promotions.

  • Multiple Feeds – Provide the right content to the right zones
    Scheduling – Schedule content to suit time of day, events and promotions
    Innovative Interactive or Passive – Repurpose legacy digital signage to work with emerging innovations in AI machine learning, VR and AR

Our Ad engine delivers timely, creative and flexible campaigns across multiple devices, in multiple scenarios and multiple markets using our centralised management tools. Access anywhere, anytime.


Interior and exterior LED walls provide attention-grabbing impact. Integrates other devices or appliances to create immersive IoT experiences for your clients.

  • Flexible Assembly –  Modular panels to fit desired space and brand merchandising strategy
    Efficient Management of Content – Smoothweb provides flexible content management systems to help clients maximise impact and engagement through multiple display options
    Quick Setup – LED Walls can be set up and repurposed for content display in realtime from anywhere


Interior and exterior LED walls provide attention-grabbing impact. Smoothweb integrates other devices or appliances to create fully immersive IoT experiences for your clients.

  • Innovation –  Committed to new technology products which have the Wow effect
    Experiment – Partner with us to develop innovative products that make use of latest A.R., V.R. and A.I. technologies
    Combine Innovation with Intelligence – Innovative engaging product showcases are great for opt-in marketing campaigns to gather intelligence

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