Smoothweb provides a full service solution for clients including software, hardware and new to market innovations

Product Design


  • Design Service – Design drawings and concept elaboration

  • Complete System Development – Sign off on hardware and software system design

  • Optimal Material Selection – Agree optimal materials and components based on customer needs and budget

  • Innovative Concept Analysis – Confirm feasibility of project prior to moulding phase


Smoothweb's mobile device products and solutions revolutionise the way customers engage with your brands. Improve the customer experience in retail, hospitality, and promotional event settings.

  • Initial Design - Agree initial design in consultation with client

  • Modelling - Computer modelling

  • Mechanical Prototyping - Design prototypes



  • Moulding Stage - Choose appropriate tools for project

  • Production Optimisation - Set up for tooling, batch production

  • Initial Moulding - Test batches

Assembly and Testing


  • Product Assembly - Assembly at factory

  • Automation - Performance stress testing

  • Testing - Beta Test Site Evaluation

Installation and Launch

We work with leading hospitality brands to help their guests enjoy live & updated information on resort directions, shops, and offers.

  • Product Documentation - CE marking, legal and regulatory compliance

  • Preparation for Delivery - Pre-delivery software testing on product hardware

  • Transport to Customer Location - Transport, logistics, warehousing, local market delivery

  • Installation - Onsite installation and testing

After-sales Support


  • Updates - Ongoing updates to optimise performance and respond to in-service requests

  • Maintenance - Optional levels of support by local market service partners

  • Next Generation - Iterate next generation model based on in situ performance and customer feedback

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