Live streaming for a charity fight night

Set up Live Streaming Capability

A fixture on the Tokyo calendar each year is the EFN held at the Hyatt in Roppongi. With 200 guests from multiple business sectors and International Chambers, the fights raise money for charity with amateur fighters taking to the stage to try their skills before a passionate crowd. The requirement is to have a low cost multiple live feed streaming service as well as lottery games to raise money and voting on guest mobile devices. An ad platform also needs to support branded themed events throughout the evening.

Smoothweb helped develop the live tools and modules to help the night go with a slam. Guest arrive at the event to see a row of touch screens and can search for their name and table location in lights. This is an exciting way to begin the evening and gets guests seated in record time. Tablets on the tables allow live and replay content to be viewed. Smoothweb also streams the event to multiple devices – monitors around the hotel, individual devices and externally via its cloud platform to viewers outside the venue. All the  more remarkable when this was on two PCS and a streaming servers using standard cameras and equipment.