SmoothWeb Sales Tool for Delta Sales Teams

Easily Accessible Collateral to Enhance Every Sales Meeting

Engage clients, access multimedia content and answer enquiries instantly with Smoothweb presentation and sales tool.

  • Answer questions using Delta’s in-depth content library
  • Engage client with videos and multimedia
  • Access up-to-date client reports
  • Jump between topics quickly with non-linear navigation
  • Represent Delta with branded design

Platform Features

  • All Content, Local on your device

    Play videos, or show high-quality images and infographics without worrying about internet connections or wifi speed.

  • Instant Images, Videos & Slides

    Choose from a rich library of images, videos and slides to enhance the impact of your presentations.

  • Automatic Updates & New Materials

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  • Constantly Evolving with Your Feedback

    Have a great idea of what you want to see on the platform? Your feedback is always welcome!

Delta Content Already on the Platform

  • Delta Quarterly PowerPoint Slides
  • Indexed product information library
  • Detailed product images for Delta One, Comfort +, Etc.

  • All Aircraft seating diagrams
  • Airport Information & images
  • Corporate Client Information


How to Get Started

1. Request the Installation guide
2. Install the Smoothweb program
3. Start exploring the content

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