Platform Features

Efficiently Create And Deliver Content To Your Entire Device Network


Fast Custom Designs

Match the look, structure and interface to your requirements with 100% flexible designs.

  • Drive sales by using digital materials
  • Increase customer engagement and visibility into your products
  • Increase ROI by leveraging your existing digital assets


Manage Content from Your PC


  • Deliver sales presentations to any sales opportunity.
  • Constantly improve presentations at any point of sale.
  • Save time and money updating sales materials.

Instantly Update Your Entire Device Network

From any PC publish to any device type or screen size in your entire sales network, including notebook, touchscreens and tablets.

  • Timely delivery of content to your entire device network.
  • Content plays back when devices are off-line.
  • Deliver the latest content across your entire region.



Track Your Users’ Behaviour

Receive custom reports that meet your needs.

  • Improve the way you sell by understanding which sales approaches are most successful.
  • Improve your product offerings and inventory management by understanding where your users’ attention goes.
  • Continue to follow and adapt to user behaviour.


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    100% Flexible Design

    Custom designs built to clients’ exact specifications

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    Switch between as many languages as your clients speak

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    Instant Cloud Updates

    Easily updatable frameworks with unlimited content categories

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    User Analytics

    User analytics tracking every touch of the screen

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    Live Data Feed

    Live maps, transportation, event schedules, etc.

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    Multi Device

    Instant updates from any PC to touch multi-device network

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“The ability to seamlessly provide an engaging Delta branded marketing presentation that highlights our brand and products and can be constantly updated throughout the Asia Pacific region makes Smoothweb’s Digital Marketing Touchscreen Solution a fantastic marketing tool.”Tony Mulholland, Management, Delta Air Lines