Retailers and Distributors

Drive Sales with Engaging Product Information at the Point of Sale

  • Increase shopper engagement and impulse purchase

    Use LED signage to attract shoppers to screens with product discovery

  • Greater product understanding and discovery

    Intuitive engagement through touch navigation with images and videos deepens insight into your product benefits

  • Deep customer insights

    Track volume, duration and product SKU browsing to give you a snapshot of your shopper’s interests




Touch screens guide shoppers and sales clerks through product features, options and recommendations.


Interior LED Digital Signage

LED screens attract shoppers to interactive screens that guide shoppers through sales processes without the presence of sales staff.


Exterior LED Digital Signage

The Adidas Shibuya store features an exterior 5m x 5m LED digital signage that displays social media and branded video content.

“We had been searching for interactive technology solutions to help us better connect with our consumers in store and drive a more consumer-focused shopping experience. This Smoothweb solution allows us to interact and engage with our consumers, drive awareness of our great product technology and, just as importantly, generates a return on our investment through increased sales of the products featured on the interactive screens.“Eddie Nixon, VP Retail, Adidas Japan
Drive Sales and ROI by Going Digital
  • Re-use digital assets for real world sales.
  • Structure presentations to guide store staff through sales steps.
  • Use high tech approach to create viral buzz.
  • User analytics to understand products of interest.


SmoothWeb’s platform solves real business problems and improves all levels of your retail organization.

For shoppers

Discover and Understand Products Easily
  • Discover product easily through intuitive touch menus.
  • Understand products better with  engaging entertaining multimedia content.

For Store Staff

Close More Sales
  • Initiate shopper contact with high tech visual touch content.
  • Become a product expert and answer shoppers’s questions with in-depth digital information.
  • Close deals by following the digital presentation’s sales steps.

For Management

Drive Sales, Improve ROI
  • Re-use digital assets to drive real world sales.
  • Structure presentations to guide sales staff through sales steps.
  • Attract attention and create viral talking-points
  • User analytics to understand products of interest.