Corporate Sales

Non-Linear Multimedia Touch Presentations That Answer Client Questions
  • Engage clients and close more deals

    Multimedia touch presentations with an indexed library of in-depth product information

  • Management participation in every sales conversation

    Use analytics to track and easy updates from any PC to effect your sales forces presentations

  • Improve processes and increase ROI

    One click delivery and synchronization of sales materials across your entire device network


Sales Presentation Tool

Sales staff are limited by PowerPoint’s linear flow and inability to address client questions.

Corporations struggle to distribute updated presentations in multiple languages to their region.

Smoothweb addresses these issues with custom designed non-linear presentations that include an indexed library of sales and product materials.

Presentations that can be instantly updated across an entire device network.


SmoothWeb’s platform solves real business problems while improving all levels of your organization.


For Salespeople

Follow Sales Processes & Instantly Answer Client Inquiries
  • Guide personnel through sales processes with customized non-liner presentations.
  • Respond to client questions by referencing the in-presentation library of in-depth product information.
  • Include client reports and live data.
  • Increase client engagement and product understanding using multimedia.

For Management

Management Participates in Every Sales Presentation
  • Understand how products are presented with user analytics.
  • Introduce content with new ideas using easy cloud updates.
  • Manage and efficiently expand sales networks using the scalable cloud.

For Organizations

Simplify Processes Increase ROI
  • Save time and money by using the cloud to update and distribute sales materials.
  • Re-utilize your digital sales content for in-person sales presentations.
  • Close more deals by structuring presentations that follow your sales processes.

Other Corporate Products

Trade Show Touchscreens

Custom designed multimedia touch presentations promoting products and brand.

Add your latest materials prior to each event from any PC.

Responsive presentations that can be displayed on most device types.

Reception Touchscreens

Tell your products and brand’s story to visiting guests

“The ability to seamlessly provide an engaging Delta branded marketing presentation that highlights our brand and products and can be constantly updated throughout the Asia Pacific region makes Smoothweb’s Digital Marketing Touchscreen Solution a fantastic marketing tool.”Tony Mulholland, Management, Delta Air Lines