About Smoothweb

SmoothWeb provides B2B enterprise content management solutions for key industries including retail, distributors, hospitality, and corporate sales. We communicate and collaborate with staff, partners, customers and consumer social network partners to build out content and advertising models.

SmoothWeb has established itself as an award-winning cloud-enabled SaaS platform on the cloud with a deep technology stack to enable enterprises to build social collaborative communities and digital media communications on the cloud.

Our Journey

Smoothweb is based in Tokyo, with an office in Hong Kong. SmoothWeb emerged in its present form in 2009 under the guidance of Dr. Rajiv Trehan as Chief Scentist. The business strategy leverages the proprietary in-house technologies and cloud-enabled OS, on which sit extensible applications for content management, content creation, content delivery and content publishing.

Our solutions include collaborative work environments through videoconferencing, workflow and file management, content management and provision to web, mobile and digital signage.

The SmoothWeb Team

Rajiv Trehan

Founder & Director

Marcus Hood

Head of IT Infrastructure

Dimitri Shimaniuk

Business Development & Design

Brendan McMahon

Chief Marketing Officer

Rajiv is the Founder and Technologist behind Smoothweb. Smoothweb is high-end content platform for delivering single source rich media content to mobile, tables, desktop and large scale display. Smoothweb handles transcoding, scaling, and template variations on a per device basis. Rajiv has over 35 years Software ad platform development, stating at the age of 15 selling games to friends. Previously, Rajiv was Founder and Principal for Fusion System Japan where he proposed and then built a leading trading platform, known as FOX. Major clients for FOX included: Morgan Stanley, Jardine Fleming, HSBC, ING Barings, DKB, Sumitomo, Tachibana, Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, Kokusai. In 1999, Fusion System Japan was sold to IMR Global a NASDAQ listed company. Rajiv is a Toshiba Fellow (1989), which brought him to Japan, his current home. While at Toshiba Rajiv published over 30 Journal and Conference papers in Artificial Intelligence distributed computing, including COOC (Concurrent Object Oriented C) which was used by 5000 institutions worldwide. Rajiv has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems (Edinburgh), MSc in Networking and Computer Science (Edinburgh) and a BSc in Mathematics and Physics (King’s London).

Marcus is responsible for infrastructure and server side I.T. frameworks. Has more than 25 years in the Information Technology. Director of I.T. Asia for a major retail chain for more than 10 years and continues to work in the region. His experience provides a wide knowledge of the I.T. challenges for our business and finding solutions that provide best of breed infrastructure for our client.

Dimitri is an experienced designer and marketer who has worked on branding, user experience and interface technology projects over the course of his career. Before joining SmoothWeb, Dimitri worked as an independent digital marketing consultant, providing expert services in strategy, planning, design and development to small and medium sized businesses. Dimitri is committed to developing solutions that align with your business goals, strategy and market to generate attention and revenue.

Brendan is in charge of marketing strategy and channel partner communications with SmoothWeb. He has spent his career working in brand consulting and marketing positions for Interbrand, McCann WorldGroup as CEO of FutureBrand Japan, and was Head of Branding at PCCW, Hong Kong. He was also Chairman of Diamond Agency Japan and has been a director of a listed media company. With over 20 years’ in Asia, Brendan (MBA) has advised Toyota, Nissan, Samsung, Hyundai P&G, ANA, JAL, YKK, Swire, Mizuho, Hitachi, NTT Docomo among others. He is an expert on brand experience, social media and the use of AI, data analytics to drive loyalty and reward to customers and to help brand owners realise higher margins for their brands.