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SmoothWeb Solutions

SmoothWeb is an award-winning, full-featured, enterprise content management system and development platform that radically accelerates the construction of powerful applications for communicating and interacting with your audience via any web-enabled device, from PCs to mobile devices and beyond.

Digital Signage

Create, manage and publish interactive content for digital signage.


Increase productivity with our cloud-driven collaboration system.

Live Events

Effortlessly broadcast live streams for your live events.

SmoothOS Platform

  • The SmoothOS platform comes with a host of applications that can be tailored to suit your business needs. From file management, video conferencing, networking, public/private messaging, scheduling and many more you're sure to find a solution that helps boost business productivity.
  • Feeling Creative? Our intuitive Mediaboard app is a must have, dynamically add any content and create interactive media sequences in a timeline format.

Our Clients

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More Features

We have hidden gems inside the platform that help extend our software even further, learn more below.


We have numerous plugins embedded directly into the SmoothOS platform including weather, flights, countdowns, tickers, events and any xml feeds.

Live Streams

Our app enables you to manage all your work from the most complex projects to everyday tasks.

Social Integration

Publish your content via Facebook and Twitter for enhanced social reach. Any content from livestreams to messaging.

Any Device

We deliver all content to any device no matter the file type or codec, our smart transcoding engine will automatically optimize the content for the device.


Set public or private permission levels for users, enhancing security and filtering of content.


Deliver content in any language expanding your reach and communication.

Meet the "Team"

We are a small team of software engineers, designers, marketers and salesman who develop cutting edge IT software solutions. Feel free to reach out to us personally or contact us through

Rajiv Trehan

Founder & CTO

Rajiv has a prolific track record in all forms of computing development. The SmoothWeb technology has been created, developed and curated from Rajiv's expert knowledge.

Brendan McMahon


Brendan has a 25-year career as a media and branding expert, his strategic insights help us best position our products in the market while providing invaluable communications and planning.

Bradford Walters

Principal & Director

Brad is responsible for Digital Signage, his experience with successful tech start-ups is invaluable having structured numerous international partnerships, financing rounds & exits.

Marcus Hood

Principal · IT Infrastructure

Marcus has superior experience within the server side IT framework, his expert knowledge of cloud-based technology stacks helps us provide best of breed infrastructure for our clients.